BRIDGE Seed Grants

In February 2020, the BRIDGE initiative (Building Research on Inequality and Diversity to Grow Equity) at Rice University provided seed funding to support research endeavors that explore inequality within the racially and ethnically diverse environment of Houston and the broader Gulf Coast Region. We sought proposals for new research endeavors, extensions of current projects, the generation of new data, and/or academic partnerships that address or inform our understanding of inequality. In particular, we encouraged research that builds on Rice University’s specializations in the areas of urban, health, and education inequality.

BRIDGE Seed Grant Awardees

  • Dr. James Elliott, “Social Inequalities in Houston’s Environmental Adaptation: A Longitudinal-Comparative Study of People & Places in the Federal Buyout Program*”
  • Dr. Leonardo Duenas-Osorio and Dr. Elizabeth Brake, “Inequality and Ethics from Contingencies in Complex Power Grids”
  • Dr. Jesús Vassallo and Dr. Kyle Shelton, “Affordable Housing Laboratory”